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Youth that is intoxicat with passion and is capable of whirling six lives in one fell swoop. They will no longer be montagues or capulets. But they will be quispes and mamanis. Who peruvianize that geography of verona and mantĂșa in a villa el salvador or comas. Not only. And after drinking rat poison in some hostel in lima. They take their own lives in the name of their love . Hamlet . That man who doubts. Not only Who gives himself over to madness which is often the best way to go unnotic in this reality and takes revenge because that is the only way to collect what is taken from us. Not only What is stolen from us. Shakespeare was a murderer. In his tragies no one is left alive . Only one who was in charge of closing the curtain and saying goodbye to that jealous extreme who blind the life of the snowy

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Desdemona in an othelic attack or that poor king lear who ends up annihilat even more by the pain he inflicts on him. See his daughters destroy by power or perhaps a macbeth who poisons himself with his own ambition. The one that makes you betray those who really lov you and you end up. Despite all your power. Dead. Because there will always be a macduff let him avenge the destinies. But. Just as he walk through tragy. He also walk through comy. Not only Where we highlight from all his titles the merchant of venice. A midsummer night’s dream. The taming of the shrew. The merry wives of windsor. Much ado about nothing walnuts. The tempest. And it is also business email list essential to cite his so-call historical dramas: richard iii. Henry viii and the sonnets that at the rhythm of alexandrians made him express those loves that were woven throughout his 51 years. Brief but intensely creative. That they give the title today of the father of the

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English language. And beyond all those shakespearean questions and julian and gregorian calendars they leave us with that author who has made his creations into beings that walk today by our side and that. Without reading them. Form part of our tragicomy that we call life.the teaching induction program that we develop at the universidad privada del norte aims to facilitate the job placement of professionals who will begin their teaching CN Leads work. This program is aim at all people select to be part of the upn academic team. The professionals chosen to be teachers have previously gone through a selection process in which they have demonstrat that they have knowlge and skills that align with our ucational model. Within the academic management and support area is the faculty development area. In charge of the selection. Induction.

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