Barber and Hair Salon Email List

Find out why below: 1. NOTORIOUSNESS AND REPUTATION. As with social media, a corporate blog allows you to place yourself in the mind of your customer or potential customer. If he is impressed by your way of being and communicating, when he thinks of someone in your sector, you will appear in what is called top of mind. In this case, we give you the example of Google.

Barber and Hair Salon Email List

This giant doesn’t need a blog for you to stay with its brand, but it uses it to create a space where you can find useful content. Think with Google. 2. CUSTOMER TRUST AND LOYALTY. Seeing that there are people behind a project.or brand is essential to gain the trust of the reader.

Big brands leave millions of dollars paying for advertising. The rest, we have to find other ways to generate trust. And that Barber and Hair Salon Email List often means getting out from behind the screen. 3. MORE WEB TRAFFIC. However, All visits are potential leads. And any customer can come to visit your website in multiple ways: from a specialized blog article. through a link from social networks or thanks to someone who referred you.

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Brico Depot, for example, shares in its Brico Blog a whole series of tips, step by step, decorating tips, how to use a certain Cn Leads material or how to place another.However, 4. BETTER POSITIONING OF YOUR PAGE IN SEARCH ENGINES. Generating content constantly keeps your website up-to-date and improves its positioning in search engines.

The good use of keywords or key words, the good structuring of the text with different titles, images optimized for the web, links. everything gives you points to achieve a better SEO positioning. 5. STAND OUT AS THE LEADING EXPERT IN YOUR SECTOR. If your blog deals with a very specific topic. and you offer solutions or solve doubts. your customers will see you as an expert in the field and this will generate trust.


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