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How To Create A Custom Date Range Comparison In Data Studio? Integrate all of your marketing channels into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT We’ll cover: How To Create A Custom Date Range Comparison In Google Data Studio? How to Create Custom Formatted Date Comparisons in Google Data Studio.


How to compare any date with any date or multiple dates with multiple dates

Multiple years with multiple years. How To Add Multiple Comparison Periods in Data Studio. What To Do When Data Studio Date Range Control Is Not Working  Bulk SMS Jordan Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions. Make your 1st report in a minute. With Google Data Studio’s default comparison tool.


You can allow end users to compare data with a specific period

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Aprevious year or month. or even yesterday or today plus or minus x day/week/month, etc. The default comparison options in Google Data Studio are sufficient for most use cases.  However, Still, you require more flexibility to compare any date range with any other one. In that case, other alternatives are available when you create a custom .date range comparison in Google Data Studio, which is what this article is about.

So, keep reading as we show tips, tricks. and ideas for you to use to create a custom date comparison in Data Studio. How To Create A Custom Date Range Cn Leads Comparison In Google Data Studio.  However, Create a blended data source in Google Data Studio. Data blending combines data from various sources. into one new dataset that can be processe. examine, or shown in a visualisation tool. In Google Data Studio. all charts are connected to one data source.

However, using Data Studio’s data blending features. you can produce charts based on many data sources. So, for example, you can have a blended data of Google Ads and Google Analytics to give you a proper representation of your campaign performance.

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