Conscious purchasing came in among consumers increasingly concerned

In a technological, post-pandemic and environmental crisis era, the purchasing habits of consumers in the Western world are constantly changing. In the case of Spain, almost half of citizens are cautious when it comes to spending due to the economic recession and 65% affirm that they will continue to treat themselves at least once a month. This is according to a study by Shopify , an Internet infrastructure provider, which has carried out a study on the occasion of the popular dates Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday , which are celebrated at the end of this month of November. This research is based on more than 24,000 consumer surveys and 9,000 SMEs from various countries around the world. Its purpose is to understand consumer trends.

Caution when spending

In Spain, 44% of consumers are cautious when it comes to spending, although they are willing to treat themselves every month. Spanish consumers industry email list are the most likely of all those surveyed to have reduced their disposable spending in the last two months, at 85%. The vast majority, 86%, say they are more likely to shop around to find the best discounts, and while 65% say they will reduce their spending. They say they will still treat themselves at least once a month. Millennials are the most likely to purchase high-quality products that last. With this figure peaking at 88% among 25- to 34-year-olds . 79% of those surveyed affirm that they are willing to spend more time purchasing a sustainable product. 72% will be willing to wait longer to receive a product.

Connect to consumer

More than a third (38%) of Spanish companies rate the implementation of better digital infrastructure as a key element to be able to make CN Leads more online sales, according to Shopify’s report on consumer trends. Generation Z is especially receptive to new touchpoints, such as purchasing directly through brand networks. 58% of Spanish Generation Z consumers are willing to buy through Instagram, 44% through TikTok and 43% through YouTube. Therefore, to capture the hearts and wallets of younger demographics, with increasing purchasing power, Spanish merchants do well to adopt new ways of conducting commerce. Therefore,  amid rising inflation, 88% of merchants are looking for creative ways to add value to consumers during the crisis. 

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