In past surveys, respondents selected content marketing Content love  goals and metrics from a list. This includes goals like “Brand Awareness,” “Engagement,” and Lead Generation. as well as metrics like “Website Traffic” and “Sales Lead Quality.” and “sale”. And you know what? Almost every year, brand awareness was the number one goal and website traffic was the number one metric. We’ve also learned over the years that goals and metrics are highly dependent on your organization’s context (e.g., your content marketing maturity level, your prospects’ unique buyer journeys, your annual revenue goals). This time I switched to focusing on a single question. How well an organization aligns its metrics with its content marketing goals.

In this Content love week's episode

This week Robert considers the essence top industry data of choosing and pursuing your true talent. In the news, Google is buying HTC, advertising talent is drying up, and Mayo Clinic is finding a way to dominate Alexa voice search results. Our rant and rave covers predictive analytics. We then close the show with this old marketing example full of fluff. There’s also a reshaping of content types, delivery formats, and the way we ask questions about social media. View today’s report to see the new findings, and watch for a detailed analysis of the results, along with tips to continue improving your content marketing in the coming months. Therefore, Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski Content Marketing Institute.

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Today’s purchasing committees are diverse. Millennials CN Leads already have a seat at the buying table between Generation X and Baby Boomers, and their differing preferences make navigating an already complex buying environment even more difficult. This change may seem trivial, but it has a huge impact on how marketing teams operate, how sales teams engage, and how final purchasing decisions are made.If you have ideas for future questions you’d like us to ask, let us know in the comments. We welcome your feedback. Special thanks to all survey respondents and distribution partners who assisted with this article, Kim Moutsos, CMI Vice President of Content, and Michele Linn, CMI Editorial Strategy Advisor. To ensure you receive the latest research as it is released , subscribe to the free CMI daily newsletter .

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