Have you ever used a hashtag or do you constantly use them in your tweets or as an accompaniment to your Instagram photos? If you are a constant user of several of the most important social networks. Chances are that they are already familiar to you. And what started as just another functionality on Twitter ended up becoming a very powerful content creation tool and part of the Social Media Strategies of many companies. Even so, both in the private and corporate spheres. There are still users who use them even abusively and without knowing very well for what purpose. For this reason. I have decided to create a guide where.

What exactly are hashtags for?

A hashtag , also called a “tag”, is a word or phrase (generally not too long) that is preceded by a hash symbol (#) and that does not have spaces email leads between the words that form it. If it contains more than one. . Precisely this pad is what distinguishes on social platforms what is and what is not a hashtag. A very illustrative example could be #PrayFor. A famous hashtag used every time a catastrophe occurs and which demonstrates the person’s support for such a situation. The most recent case is that of . Which was used as support and as a method of disseminating information during the recent forest fire that occurred in the Amazon jungle.

Collect everything related to the same topic

Connection method between users It is one more way for everyone to interact and intervene on the same topic. But without the need to CN Leads do so in a direct way such as commenting on a post on Facebook. In a way. We can see these tags as a kind of keyword.  Since they work in a similar way. Find content of your interest Through these tags you can find specific conversations that are related to what you are looking for on the Internet. That is, content in which they are used. It does not matter who said content comes from. What matters is that they have used one that we are looking for. » Collect everything related to the same topic It is similar to what happens in Google.

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