The Psychology of Online Marketing

The Psychology A Digital Equipment Corp employee, Gary Thuerk, sent. Therefore, The first email marketing blast in 1978 . He sent an email promoting his company’s. Computers to 400 recipients, and made $13 million in sales, about $78.8 million today. Even today, well-crafted emails. Therefore, That are targeted and meaningful can be one of the most effective marketing. Methods for connecting with your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Is Email Marketing Relevant Today

While email marketing may evoke memories of the last spam message  email database you received. A customer-focused email spurs action from your potential customers. If you want to foster customer relationships and increase profits, a nuanced email marketing campaign ticks all the boxes. Therefore, Powerful. As of November 2019, statistics show that 90.1% of internet users in the United States use email.

Benefits of Email Marketing Relevant Today

Grow a high-quality email list using a signup form that requires subscribers. Therefore, To opt-in. Segment CN Leads your mailing list by organizing it into groups. Personalize your emails to deliver content. Therefore, That is highly relevant to your customers and increase the chances of them opening by 26%. Automate to send a series of highly targeted emails that are triggered by a subscriber’s actions. Therefore, Maximum excitement and drive with minimum effort.

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