The Analytics page which quickly summarizes important information regarding sales, orders, and visitor behavior, is accessible to all Shopify plans. Types of Shopify reports How to create a free Shopify page report There are different kinds of Shopify reports that you can access. Once you open your analytics, you will be gazing at a lot of data.

Understanding the relationships between items

So, to help with that here is an overview of the various types of Shopify report, so you can concentrate your efforts on the exact one you need. Acquisition reports The Acquisition reports focus on your website visitors. How they found your shop, where they are located and what traffic source did they come from? In other words, how you “acquired” your customers.

Behavior reports Behavior reports can reveal a wealth of insightful data. By emphasizing critical areas for Industry Email List improvement, the information in behavior reports can assist you in making better-educated decisions about setting up your store. Understanding how your customers behave with your store can help inform your business decisions.


Understanding the relationships between items

Industry Email List

an help you decide how to fill your inventory, how to arrange your product collections, which products would benefit from a marketing campaign, and much more. Customer reports How to create a free Shopify page report You can learn details about your customers through customer reports.

Customer reports provide useful information such as their average order volume, total purchases, customers’ last Cn Leads order, state, phone numbers, etc. The Customer reports can greatly help your marketing campaign as they assist you in determining how to segment your audience according to what they buy.

Inventory reports. How to create a free Shopify page report Inventory reports provide you with a snapshot of your inventory, making it easier for you to follow the daily sales volumes and decide when and what to refill. Inventory reports make it easier to track the quantity and percentage of inventory sold daily.Marketing reports Based on how customers interact with your store, marketing reports can help you identify the marketing channels that are driving the most customers, sales, and value overall.

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