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How to Set up Google Analytics Tracking for Data Studio Click on next and then provide more information about your business. Once you are do, click “create” How to Set up Google Analytics. Tracking for Data Studio You just created a Google Analytics property. Good job! But the work is not done yet. Just 50% left. Once you click “create” another window will open up.

How to Set up Google Analytics Tracking for Data Studio

This is the Marketing Dashboard property you created. You can edit and tinker around it to find ways to get the Bulk SMS Hong Kong data you  want. But we are after one thing. Which is tracking your Data Studio dashboard. Before, when creating the property.You would have an option of putting a website but seeing as Google is about to phase out Universal Analytics. That option isn’t there, unless you click the “advanced” option and then down below put in your website.

You also have to make sure the tag is on for it to choose UA instead of G4 or better still both of them until UA is finally phas out. It’s fine if you didn’t go through this route. Click on “Data Stream” and choose “web” Then use the address “” Beside it is “My Stream Name” which you can use to name the stream to something easy for you to remember like how we did ours to Marketing Dashboard.

Once you are do click on create stream How to Set up Google Analytics

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Tracking for Data Studio Another window will pop up with some information showing you your stream ID and Measurement ID. Basically a summary of your data stream. The Measurement ID is THE tracking ID you will use for Data Studio. Keep in mind that each Google Data Studio Dashboard requires a unique tracking ID code in order to be tracked as effectively as possible.

When you create an account and properties, the following is the structure that will be use: Dashboard number 1 -> Property Cn Leads number 1 Dashboard number 2 -> Property number 2 Dashboard no. 3 -> Property no. 3 2. Copy the property’s tracking-id from the property settings. Now that we’ve established that the Measurement ID is the tracking-id we need.

To get our tracking ID, click on “property settings“on the right, you should see the property ID. That’s the tracking ID we are going to use for our data studio reports. How to Set up Google Analytics Tracking for Data Studio And for measurement ID click on “Data Streams” and then click on the stream you just create.

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