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dThe team at EdApp recognizes that training by PowerPoint (PPT) is just as much uninspiring as it is ineffective. As such, they’ve created a free tool that will transform your dated PPT slides into beautiful and interactive microlessons. EdApp has also teamed up with Canva, the world’s leading graphic design program, to provide access to millions of graphics.

Once you’ve created your unique image(s), they are seamlessly add to your lesson. Cameron Adams, Co-Founder & CPO of Canva believes that EdApp is pushing the boundaries when he notes, “Helping innovative tools like EdApp bring a better experience to educators is an integral part of Canva’s mission.”

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Using the best free elearning platform today! 2. LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is the newest addition to the premium program for Bulk SMS Ukraine LinkedIn users. It’s an eLearning platform focused mostly on business and technology, offering more than 15 000 expert-led courses.

This training software is one of the most sought-after instructional eLearning platforms in the industry – its video courses are available in seven different languages all around the world. Courses propose on LinkedIn Learning are aim at enhancing employability among LinkedIn users. New qualifications are immediately recognize as badges pinne to public LinkedIn profiles.

To access the courses one has to become a premium user

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Which comes at a minimal cost of 0 a month. Not all the courses are of the same quality and the process of being accepte as a coach is long and tedious. Linkedin Cn Leads Learning Elearning Platform 3. CourseSites CourseSites is a learning platform option that’s buil for formal education.

It gives teachers the ability to connect and engage with their students instantly, which is beneficial for any learning environment but is especially useful in the age of COVID-19 and remote learning. The learning experience platform enables teachers to deliver their courses for free and includes features like class details, registered students, discussion forums, and videos.

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