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Then, accompany it with a title and a descriptive text to make it easier to find. Even if the image is the protagonist, a good description and the appropriate use of keywords is what will make your content position within the search engine of Pinterest and Google, and increase its virality.

It is important to know that your content is not only yours, but other people can save it to their boards and so on until it goes viral. If you use images from other web pages or other users, you can edit the pins to make the content go viral. This will benefit the original owner of the content, but also you, as you will gain more visibility.

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Three benefits of Pinterest Personally, what we like most about this network is that you can add a link to each post and redirect the public where Accounting, Bookkeeping Business Email List you want. However, Pinterest has many other benefits: Proximity with your customers. Brand image. Web traffic. The latter is our favorite feature. Pinterest allows you to link your pins to the
of your choice.

Likewise, we recommend introducing the share button (Pin it) to Pinterest on your website. Schedule your pins We remind you that an editorial calendar is the essential element for your content strategy to come to fruition. Surely you know a few tools to be able to plan and schedule your content on social networks.

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Just as you can do with Facebook or Twitter, there are also platforms that allow you to plan your posts or pins on Pinterest, such as Hootsuite, Viraltag or Planoly, among others. Of these three options, we could say that Hootsuite is the simplest in terms of design.

Instead, Viraltag or Planoly have a more visual style and follow the lines of Pinterest. If we had to choose one, we’d stick with Planoly’s pin planner because, even Cn Leads when you’re scheduling, you can already see how your posts will look aesthetically, just like the Instagram scheduler version. In addition, they have also incorporated a statistics section. According to Planoly, there are already more than 300 million people worldwide using Pinterest.