Bulk SMS with Custom Sender ID


Bulk SMS, also known as text messaging, is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. It allows them to send messages to a large number of recipients at once, quickly and cost-effectively. With the addition of custom sender IDs, businesses can further personalize their messages and build brand recognition.

Custom sender ID is a unique identifier that appears as the sender’s name on the recipient’s mobile device. It can be a business name, product name, or any other desired text up to 11 characters long. For example, instead of receiving a message from a random phone number, customers will see the name of the business that sent the message.

One of the primary advantages of custom sender IDs is that

They make messages more recognizable and trustworthy. Customers are more likely to open and respond to messages from businesses they know and trust. Additionally, custom sender IDs help to reinforce the brand identity of the business and can increase customer loyalty.

Another benefit of custom sender IDs is that they make it easier for customers to reply to messages. When a message is sent from a custom sender ID, customers Bulk SMS Belgium can simply hit “reply” to respond, rather than having to manually enter a phone number.

However it is important to note that custom sender

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IDs are not supporte in all countries. In some regions, such as the Unite States, sender IDs are not customizable and messages can only be sent from a registere short code or a long virtual number.

When using custom sender IDs, it is also important to follow guidelines and regulations set by the relevant authorities. For example, in India, businesses must register their sender IDs with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and ensure that their messages adhere to the National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry.

In conclusion, custom sender IDs are a powerful tool for businesses to personalize their messages and build brand recognition. However, it is important Cn Leads to ensure that they are supporte in the desire region and comply with relevant regulations. By using custom sender IDs effectively, businesses can enhance their communication with customers and increase engagement.