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How to Extract Data from your Instagram Stories on Looker Studio Integrate all of your marketing channels into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT We’ll cover: Make your 1st report in a minute There’s good news if you’ve ever wondered how to create reports of your IG stories without hassles.

Portermetrics is a no-code data visualization tool that allows marketers

In this article, we’ll walk you through how you add and extract your IG stories data into Looker Studio to enable you to create Bulk SMS New Zealand a well-rounded Instagram Insights report. To achieve this, you need to use our connector- Portermetrics Instagram Insights connector.

Like you to create their reports. We provide free, ready-to-use report templates to enable users to create detailed. visually-appealing reports in less than minutes. The Portermetrics Instagram Insights connector allows you to pull your. IG stories data for the last three months. into Looker Studio to help create your Instagram reports.

And if you’re wondering if this is legal I want to assure

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you that we’ve got the right authorizations from Instagram (as we would see below). to allow us to extract data from IG stories. So, with much further ado, let’s get start. The first step is to sign into your Looker Studio with your Google account. How to Extract Data from your Instagram Stories on Looker Studio. The next step is to click “Blank Report” or “Create” at the top-left corner, as shown below: This opens up the report dashboard.

Before creating a report, you will be require to add a data source. For this article, we’ll search for Portermetrics Instagram Cn Leads Insights connector. How to Extract Data from your Instagram. Stories on Looker Studio Click “Instagram Insights.” This set off the authorization process I spoke about earlier. Click “Authorize” as shown below: How to Extract Data from your Instagram Stories on Looker Studio. Clicking “Authorize” triggers a pop-up box requiring you to select the Google account you want to authorize.