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Additionally, it simplifies organizing the data to speed up access and search. The fact that Funnel io is simple to use and implement is one of its best features. How to Create a Data Studio Report Using ? Creating a data studio report using Funnel io is actually quite easy to do.

As such it’s so easy that it is unbelievable

We will show you how to do it yourself in the following steps. Log in to Data Studio. The first thing to do is login into your data studio. Visit Bulk SMS Singapore to get started. Create a report You should see “Create” on the left side of the dashboard.

Click on it and select “Report” better still click on the huge + sign on “Blank Report” to create a report. How to Create a Data Studio Report With Funnel io Add data sources Next is to add your data sources.


It could be Facebook, Google, Twitter, or a combination of all three. You can use Funnelio connectors to connect to your data sources.

This is where you want to get your data from

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When prompted for a data source, type f, and it should pop up under “Partner connectors” and select anyone Cn Leads you want. You’d have to grant both  and Google permission to access your data before you can import it into the data studio.


Once that is done, you can edit your data as you see fit. Add charts Next, customize your report to see how it fits with different types of charts. Click on “Add a chart.” And select from the dropdown list the one you want.