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If it isn’t, you can change it to your preferred Gmail or Gsuite account at the top right corner of your screen. 2. Create a report Next, click + Create in the top left of your screen. Then, click Report. Now, you’ll be prompted to add a data source.

How to Create a Data Studio Report With Supermetrics 3. Add data sources To add a data source using Supermetrics. input Supermetrics in the search field, then select the connector you would like to use. In this article .I’ll use the Google Analytics by Supermetrics connector to create a report.


Here are the steps to connect your data source to Supermetrics

Step 1: Select the connector Click AUTHORIZE to give Looker Studio the authentication to use the community connector.  Sign in to your Gmail/Gsuite account. then allow Supermetrics to access your account. Step 4: Click AUTHORIZE to give Google Analytics authorization to connect to data. Step 5: Select the account that has access to the Google .Analytics account you want to connect to, then click Allow to grant Supermetrics access.

How to Create a Data Studio Report With Supermetrics You’ll receive a confirmation if the account is authenticated and connecte successfully. Step 6: Now, set all the Bulk SMS UAE required parameters for the connection, then click Add. Step 7: Confirm that you’re adding your Google Analytics data to Data Studio by clicking ADD TO REPORT.

You might also be require to fill out a form with your name

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Business email. job title, company name, company size (employee count). company industry, phone number, and potential users for Supermetrics for Cn Leads Data Studio. How to Create a Data Studio Report With Supermetrics Cheers. Now, you’ve connecte your data source to Data Studio using Supermetrics.

However, I recommend using Google’s Google Analytics. connector to connect your Google Analytics account, as the metrics. and dimensions will be less distorted, and reporting will be smoother. 4. Add charts You can add multiple charts to your report based on what you’re trying to communicate.