How to use brand identity to deal with a crisis.

How to use brand identity to deal with a crisis. 4 examples of brands that have managed the. Coronavirus crisis by focusing precisely on brand identity. A year has now passed since, for the first time. We found ourselves faced with the concrete problem of a health. Emergency and with the need to stay inside our homes. A situation that has created many difficulties. But which, in some cases, has also generated new perspectives and new entrepreneurial possibilities . In fact, when everything around us changes. Is it possible to remain identical to ourselves. And how to adapt so as not to get overwhelmed. These are the questions that have driven the online and otherwise actions of many big brands. Thus communication underwent an almost immediate change in terms of themes,

Why focus on brand identity in times

Why focus on brand identity in times of crisis. A very complex and delicate job. Reviewing communication and marketing . A big obstacle to overcome for every brand. What to publish? Which message to promote. How to approach the africa email list public? How to maintain connections with people. Many questions that have found an answer starting from a single  element. Yes, because when

What holds us together is

What holds us together is our identity . Or rather, the brand identity. The personality and values ​​remain the same as always for every brand. And they represent the point from which to reorganize. At a time when the economic crisis has affected the purchasing and selling CN Leads mechanism. Many companies have decided to deepen and enhance their brand identity. The target, listening to people to understand new needs, developing greater empathy, moving communication.

Why does video strategy help your brand

Why does video strategy help your brand. All the benefits of using corporate videos. In the communication and marketing of your business. Do you want to talk about your brand. Share a message with your audience. But don’t you want to end up forgotten or. Even worse, not reach people. To impress not only on the content front but also on the emotional one and generate. A memorable impact on viewers, you can rely on videos .They help you with corporate storytelling with raising awareness of your brand and. Of course, with increasing sales and profits. In short, a myriad of non-negligible advantages for your business. Let’s dive into discovering all the benefits that an ad hoc video strategy can offer you.

What is video strategy.

What is video strategy. Very simply, video strategy is a content marketing tool . It translates into creating video content that talks about your brand. How you work or specifically about a product or service. Defining a video strategy means deciding which video content to promote. How to communicate it how often. To publish it and also on which media to europe email list propose it to your audience. All this while always keeping your final goal in mind and integrating. As best as possible with your entire communication and marketing plan . A vehicle with vast potential and continually growing. If you still don’t believe it. Let’s analyze some data on the results that a video can provide you.

Do videos really work

Revolutionary element of content marketing. What until a few years ago was considered the future of communication is today a reality. More and more solid and still with great potential and possibilities . Videos have not only become a consolidated and fruitful practice for brands. But they still promise to bring many benefits. It is not just a perception of daily experience try to think about how much time. You spend every day watching videos from youtube or CN Leads other social networks. But a concrete fact as highlighted by the report the state of video marketing 2020 . Data in hand here is what the companies that use video support in their strategy declare.

Find new customers online with webinars

Find new customers online with webinars. Why do webinars allow you to generate lead. And how can they help your business. We are forming new habits. In a year characterized by lockdowns and social distancing. We have increasingly adapted to online interaction. Not only does private communication move from video calls. Even in the professional field meetings. Conferences and numerous events have moved from offline to the pc screen. In an already very connected and online world. Training and information have also become remote. The new resource, to continue some activities turned out to be webinars . A real explosion of meetings

What is a webinar

What is a webinar. We can translate the word webinar as web seminar . In fact, the term is formed precisely from the words web and seminar. In short, a webinar is a place. Or better yet a moment, an opportunity, for training . The strength of this type of event lies in the fact that it is completely online . Participants do not asia email list need to travel to other cities, for example. But can also follow the lesson from their office or home. A significant advantage in times when travel is increasingly difficult and limited.

Why does the webinar help you find customers.

Why does the webinar help you find customers. If you want to do lead generation , the webinar is for you. Lead generation in fact means collecting contacts . Emails telephone CN Leads numbers names of people interested in your products. Services or more generally in your brand. What better opportunity than offering a lesson for training or in-depth analysis. On a specific topic, in exchange for the contacts of those interested

Corporate social media marketing campaign how much


From the objectives it helps you achieve to the necessary budget. The guidelines for an effective social campaign. There are 35 million of us in italy. Who are active on social media . Each with their own preferences and for the most different reasons. In this large segment of people hide those who love your work. Those who hate it and even those who don’t know it yet. You need to get in touch with all of them . To strengthen your relationship with those who are already your customers. Get noticed by those who don’t know about you and know what those who don’t like you think. The web helps you with some tools. Among which you will also find social campaigns .

What is a social media

Advertisements. This is the first idea that forms in the minds of each of us when we talk about social  campaigns. The idea is right. These are ads that appear on social platforms and on the web . This idea, however, is not complete. A good social campaign does country email list not remain rigid in the role of sponsored ads. Paid ads that you can activate for a certain period of time, but is completed thanks to other elements. Organic content, on the website and on social media, videos and other materials that. You produce for the web go to build your strategy for a social campaign . In short, to get the most out of your social campaigns. Paid and organic activities work in parallel.

Why run a social campaign

Based on your specific objective, you can choose the social campaign that helps you. Expand your audience and intercept. A growing number of new potential customers. Increase brand awareness country email list therefore awareness of your company. And the notoriety of your products and services. Contact people who are truly interested in your proposal. Increase conversions and turn users into customers with the consequence of improving. Sales and turnover. All beautiful, yet you’re wondering: does it really work. Yes, using social media for a well-structured campaign really works. The number of people regularly online is growing. The social media examiner estimates.

The checklist, best practices and mistakes to avoid

The checklist, best practices and mistakes to avoid on your company pages. So as not to lose customers. If it is true that even in 2021 the site proves to be the essential tool for corporate communication and marketing. It is also true that it must be built in a certain way. What every entrepreneur wants is to be noticed by the public . However, what many entrepreneurs miss is that the customer needs. To be welcomed, guided and pampered . People should have a pleasant experience when approaching a company, its products and services. An experience that also passes through the site. Which is why you need to make sure everything on your site is working properly. Some elements in fact help people stay on the site and influence. The public’s preference, others make them flee. Result, missed sale.

What are the characteristics of a good site

User experience is on everyone’s lips. We talk about its necessity advantages. And how to design it appropriately. We experience online browsing firsthand every day. We are users of other sites and we have become accustomed to a certain type of welcome. When something doesn’t email list  work as we expect. We are ready to quickly abandon the pages. It happens to everyone. Avoid letting your audience find themselves in this unpleasant situation. Put him at ease, on a site that respects these elements.

Clicks to get to the product pages.

 How many clicks does it take for people to move between your pages. Start from this question and try to reduce. This number as much as possible. The fewer clicks, the easier navigation . Another essential aspect is to correctly direct movements . Make sure people know where they are on the site. How to get from page to page, and how to go back if needed. Better to CN Leads streamline these processes as much as possible. Don’t forget to make contact information and other useful details accessible. Perhaps on sales and payments, with as few clicks as possible.

This is a critical first step in defining

Welcome to the how to create an amazing website series where we share advice from web development and marketing experts! This is the first part of the series. Nowadays. Local businesses ne a website to attract new customers. At vendasta. We work with thousands of local businesses to help them stand out online. Since every company is unique. We provide different web development services to our clients to highlight their products and offerings. Do you run a business? Here. We break down our techniques into a simple guide to help you create your website with ease.

Your business nes to look

Step 1: get start with your domain. Hosting. And cms before diving into building a website. The first thing to do is determine where your site will be host and under what domain name. Many local businesses underestimate the importance of Email List a strong domain name. So don’t make this mistake! Since a domain name is the first thing a person sees when searching for a business online. A good name helps a local business establish instant cribility. This is a critical first step in defining your business brand. Your business nes to look professional.

The more sales for a local business

email list

So you ne to find and acquire the right domain name for your business! Hurry up and make sure consumers are able to remember the website easily. The better the domain name. The more visits to the website. The more brand exposure. And  CN Leads ultimately. The more sales for a local business. Where do companies go to register a domain? There are many domain registration companies available for businesses to choose and purchase their favorite domains. One of the most prominent domain registrars is godaddy. But it is not the only option for purchasing domain names.

Then use the feback to refine the website

Your business is unique. So your website should be look at separately from other websites too! Each local company has its own distinctive character and history that forms its brand. Be sure to include these differentiating factors in your site design to establish a unique identity for your brand. It often takes a few tries at designing your websites before you find the perfect style for your business! There are no shortcuts to understanding your users’ preferences. So you must invest time and resources in researching. Testing. And optimizing your website design.

Staff and friends to provide feback

Split url testing (a/b testing) allows you to test different versions of your project to understand which version your users prefer. Next. You should Europe Email List ask your users. Partners. Staff and friends to provide feback. Then use the feback to refine the website. A/b split a/b testing phase 3: strategize the contents the content you put on your website is critical to building brand awareness and driving conversions and sales. You ne to put some thought into creating compelling content on your website to paint a clear picture of your brand and convince visitors to convert. What are the basics of website content? When it comes to web copy.

Consider these questions when filling

europe email list

What you say will vary depending on your niche. Products. Business model – a million things! However. Every business website should cover these basic elements. Consider these questions when filling out your site details: contact details where is your CN Leads business locat? What are the hours? How can a consumer/customer get in touch? Do you have other social profiles? Who we are who works in this sector? What is the company’s mission? What’s the background story? Why should people choose you over the competition? Products/services what products/services does the company provide? What are the prices of these products? How can a customer order your products/services?