How to Resolve Slow Reports on Data Studio

Using Extract Connector Integrate all of your marketing channels into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT IN 2 MINUTES December 10, 2022 We’ll cover:

Why are slow dashboards an issue? Factors That Affect the Speed of Your Data Studio Reports How to Speed up Slow Dashboards. Using Extract Connector What is the Extract Data connector.

Other Ways to Speed Up Data Studio

Conclusion Make your 1st report in a minute We all know how frustrating it can be whenever Phone Number List Data Studio starts freezing or slowing down our reports.

This tutorial discusses how you can resolve slow reports and dashboards on Data Studio using Extract Connector. Why are slow dashboards an issue? The more people use a dashboard, the slower overall performance may become.

And the longer the user has to wait for data to load

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The less satisfied they are with the dashboard. But when is the dashboard loading time excessive? There is no specific rule that defines this. However, in my experience, if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds, many users will perceive it as slow. Why does it take more than 3 seconds to load.

This is mainly because Data Studio dashboards are also loading in your browser. And advanced dashboards may Cn Leads take longer due to their complexity, but those are exceptional cases. Factors That Affect the Speed of Your Data Studio Reports There are three possible explanations for Google Data Studio’s slowness. These could include: 1. Querying massive amounts of data for reports You may encounter some delays when you run a query requiring a large amount of data to be loaded onto your dashboard.


Reports with long timeframes or a large number of charts are frequently the culprits slowing down your Google Data Studio. 2. Loading your reports with complex queries Another reason Google Data Studio is so slow is when you build your dashboards with a lot of complex queries. A common pitfall is performing a lot of data crunching, such as using blends or applying too many unnecessary dimensions, which results in a slower report.

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