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Visitor behavior analysis A visitor sees an Ad online, follows the Ad to your eCommerce store, and makes purchases. Simple! But it is not always like that. In reality, a purchase isn’t always linear. A prospective customer may often check out the store, check different products, add them to the cart, and leave. It might be long before such customers revisit you and then make purchases.

Order details Tracking sales or order data with this page is so easy

This is where the Visitor behavior analysis comes in. With it, you will understand how your customers are moving along the conversion funnel and what SMS Gateway Brunei page is the most popular on your eCommerce store. Understanding this process will influence your decision to create a campaign that will be helpful and appealing to a prospective customer.

With one glance, you will have all the information about where your sales are coming from. This page will also give you insight into new vs. old customers. 4. Marketing performance There are so many ad channels out there, but as a business owner, buying ads blindly is not a smart move.


You should find the marketing channels that work best for your

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brand and customer and stick to them. By using the ‘Marketing Performance. you can find the channel that drives the most traffic and customers for your  Cn Leads brand. How to Create an eCommerce Dashboard on Data Studio One of the features of Google. Data Studio is that it allows you to pull data from various data sources like Google Analytics.

Google Ads, Google sheets, Facebook Ads, and others using an in-built connecter. There is also a marketplace on Google Data Studio where you can buy third-party connectors to even more data sources like Shopify, Facebook, Youtube Ads, Mailchimp, etc. To create an eCommerce dashboard on Google Data Studio, you need to use connectors to pull data from data sources and connect it to the data studio.