That neither term appears to have search volume

This means that he will not hand over information hand-in-hand. So, it is not uncommon to find a scenario with long tail words where we are unable to get clarity on the competition and search volume. In a practical example, consider the words “collar that doesn’t hurt dogs” and; “comfortable dog collar”. If you use Google Keyword Planner , you’ll see that neither term appears to have search volume: Google Keyword Planner – search volume Now Google them both and you have the results below: Search volume – results on Google Conclusion: there are people who search for both terms. So it’s worth producing content and ranking for them. But which one to prioritize? Which one has the most search volume? If you produce content for both, it will take a long time to know which is best.

The logic then is the same as for keywords

Comfortable collar: offers product ads for purchase at the beginning. And then the question arises: why were no products offered for the word “collar that doesn’t hurt”? Because of search intent. Detailing: collar that doesn’t hurt: people want to know more. Understand more about collars. Comfortable collar: Users want purchasing options. They are interested in purchasing. The logic then is the same as for keywords. How to identify these intentions  Latest database in a short time? Doing Google Ads. Use the same campaigns already mentioned. And monitor user interest. Offer a form, a chat, and vary the page content, doing a/b testing.

By entering the website via Google Ads

What does your audience respond most to? Under what circumstances does it convert more? Images, videos, texts? Use this valuable information to guide your SEO work. Scenario 3: Brand exposure Brand exposure Now we get into the side effects of Google Ads for organic positioning. Again, paying Google will not help you bring the organic result from the tenth page to the first. Not directly. But indirectly he can. In some ways: If someone sees your result in paid search and organic search, they may feel  CN Leads encouraged to click on organic search, which increases your organic click rate (and improves ranking); By entering the website via Google Ads, people will get to know your brand and products.

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