The Guide to Affiliate Marketing + 10 Affiliate Programs. Luis is an Online Marketing consultant who today is going to explain to us all the aspects of affiliate marketing . We will know what it is, the figures involved, the different types that exist, the platforms and the best programs that you can use. Luis ends with 10 great tips to get the best possible out of Affiliation and make a website profitable. Although affiliate marketing is also done with formulas other than a page (for example through email marketing).

What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing. It is a system by which the affiliate promotes the advertiser’s products or services through links with which they bring traffic from potential top people data customer users to the advertiser’s website. This company commissions the affiliate whenever the agreed event is fulfilled (sale of a product, subscription to a contact form or a newsletter…).

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Who is involved in affiliation systems

Who is involved in affiliation systems. Affiliates they are the owners or webmasters. Therefore, the websites that allow ads to be hosted in their space in CN Leads exchange for commissions. To be an affiliate, you need to have a website. Therefore, with hosting and a contracted domain and one of the best options would be to do it with to be able to install the ads function through a free plugin. Affiliate platforms . There are times when this figure exists and other times when it does not. They are intermediaries between advertisers and affiliates who offer affiliate programs.

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