The main navigation systems are hierarchical

Systems to create a correct information architecture to create the information architecture that will guarantee the success of your website, the first thing you must do is the architect. Once this role assignment stage has been completed, the architect(s) will be able to work within the organization on the tasks of structuring and collecting content. And to do this correctly, it is convenient to rely on the following four systems: 1. The content organization system in this first stage of the process, it is necessary to define how the contents will be grouped (the categories and subcategories that we will create), organized (mechanisms to easily find them), and prioritized .

By type of audience to which they are directed

There are many types of organization systems. But the most business database recognized are alphabetical chronological thematic by geographic. Location by solution or needs they satisfy. By type of audience to which they are directed or by physical characteristics. Choose or create an organization system and work on its implementation within the website. By doing this you will make your content easy to consume. The content navigation system the best way to conquer an over-communicated society like the current one is to oversimplify the message. Construction of the way the website is navigated has a high impact on the amount of content that the user will consume. Likewise, navigation routes serve to make the transit through information natural and simple.

When the information is nested

The main navigation systems are hierarchical. When the information CN Leads is nested in folders. And subfolders matrix  when multiple. Hierarchical criteria are used  or contextual when the degree of relevance between. The content is used to suggest navigation. The system for labeling content selecting and unifying labels adds powerful and versatile organization and navigation mechanisms to the website.

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