The trends that are causing the most impact in the beauty sector

Seedtag , a leading company in contextual advertising in Europe and Latin America , has carried out an in-depth analysis of the advertising trends that exist in the beauty sector. For this reason, from the team we have decided to go to the Seedtag offices to speak with Rocío Blanco, Sales Manager of the company, and reflect on these latest developments in the trends of the sector.

What are the advertising trends in the beauty sector

As Rocío Blanco explains, the beauty industry email list sector, always focused on caring for its environment. Therefore, seems that in recent times it has found an opportunity to open new horizons in contextual advertising . “Brands, in their eagerness to find new audiences, have found in contextual advertising a tool that not only allows them to guarantee their quality and affinity standards, but also guarantees that they are in a careful, safe and appropriate environment. Therefore, for the brand and so they can leave the traditional context ,” comments the expert.

What are beauty brands demanding the most? What are your needs?

Rocío Blanco affirms that one of the CN Leads main needs that fashion brands are currently looking for is differentiation. “ The brands in the sector are multiplying. Therefore, forming a more complex ecosystem , which constantly adapts its products to a consumer in constant transformation.” Within this sector, clients have also experienced a considerable change, with two differentiated types emerging, explains Rocío. A hyper-informed consumer , who knows about the ingredients of the product, how they are formulated, compares laboratories, their costs… And a customer concerned about more responsible and conscious consumption.

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