We are able Teens want brands to be a representation of their values, their expectations of themselves and others . What does this mean for your company? That Gen Z wants you to have a positive purpose that helps make the world better in some way . A purpose to which he can collaborate himself. But what are the values ​​they care about most? I. Loyalty and transparency As a generation that grew up taking images of all kinds and immiately exchanging them with friends, they expect the same spontaneity from companies. To involve them, it is important to show the human side of the company , through images that show behind the scenes or everyday life.

They want transparency and demand

That brands tell them about the manufacturing process of a product, their activities and responsibilities. It is no coincidence that they read labels very carefully and leave favorable or critical opinions online about any service.  Attention to the environment and society Young people from Generation Z are very attentive to the environment , as demonstrat by the “FridaysforFuture” demonstrations. In Italy, for example, of seo expater bangladesh ltd them carry out separate waste collection and six out of ten Gen Zs are very attentive to waste of all kinds. As mention above, they are also very open to accepting diversity on a social level and protecting it. Essentially they are ethical shoppers who seek out ethical brands and beauty products.

Gen Z's preference for green

So much so that they are also more likely to spend more on a product they consider to be such. This passion for the environment helps explain, natural, organic and eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare products. According to GCI Magazine , of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy natural and CN Leads organic cosmetics and beauty products , compar to traditional ones. Higher percentage than other generations, who appear to be less sensitive to these issues. Specifically, buyers of this generation, even before quality, look for the “cruelty-free” factor.

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