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Yoigo Disruptive ideas «A Pachas. Fuego Your Source Walk With Me, Jumpers «Thank you, brands. MONO Madrid and Jesús Revuelta, Wallapop . NOMÁSCHETOS», Tango Agency, Risi «Muchoyó. Arena Media / Jorge Martínez / Collage Network Hype. F33, Zinkia Entertainment “Stuck in a fee”, Finetwork and PS21, Finetwork. SPEEDY ROCK», VCCP and Antistatic. Music for Animals «Have», Rosebud, Divina. Seguros «Map of Emotions», Ogilvy, Audi “Skrull Invasion”, Darwin & Verne, Disney + Spain «My voice my vote», Ogilvy, AdEL.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Your Source

A Association Best use of digital media category email list Creativity in media» «VIP BREAKFASTS», Arena Media & Mono Madrid, Vips (Alsea) “Early Check”, Ogilvy, Vueling «A Pacha», Fuego Walk With Me, Jumpers – Grupo Apex «Loading ads», Ogilvy and PHD, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles «The car that makes you want to work», Padre Group, Astara / SsangYong «The Skippable Layover», Double You, Volotea “Skrull Invasion”, Darwin & Verne, Disney + Spain «SPEEDY ROCK», VCCP and Antistatic, Music for Animals «Selectors», Burns, Grefusa «Trapped in a fee», FINETWORK and PS.

Music for Animals AI Sampling

Finetwork Better use of data «AI Sampling Perfumistic world», PUIG CN Leads and VASAVA / THE ETAILERS, Wikiparfum «The speech of an entire country», Jon Lavin & The Lion & Arena Media, Cervezas Victoria «Map of Emotions», Ogilvy, Audi «Prediction at the service of business», IPG Mediabrands, AXA «SPEEDY ROCK», VCCP and Antistatic, Music for Animals «Real-time economy portal», Prodigioso Volcán, Caixabank Research «Vespa – Sounds of the City», PUBLICIS ESPAÑA and Zenith, Piaggio «Digital Experience» «Map of Emotions», Ogilvy, Audi «Living with guilt», Accenture Song, DGT “Miquelverso”, Prodigious Volcano, “La Caixa” Foundation – EduCaixa «Vespa – Sounds of the City», Publicis Spain and Zenith, Piaggio «The Skippable Layover», Double You, Volotea

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