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It has to do with loyalty and a sense of belonging to a brand. Engagement: What it is and why it matters Engagement is a concept that has become essential when analyzing whether a marketing strategy is working.

It means commitment and refers to the emotional bond that is created between a brand and its followers. In the field of social networks, when we talk about engagement we mean the level of interaction and, therefore, of connection that exists between an account and its audience. It’s not just a matter of likes or retweets. It goes further: it has to do with loyalty and a sense of belonging to a brand and is a much more powerful conversion tool than advertising.

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The more engagement, the more motivation and loyalty followers have to a brand and the more chances of getting Chinese American Phone Number List customers, thanks to the power of recommendations. From here and knowing this, don’t you think it’s worth working on engagement? Analyze engagement With the statistics provided by the same networks, you can now track the reach, likes and comments you have on your posts.

Now, how can you know the engagement percentage of a certain account? There are free resources that work without you having to download any apps. Let’s talk, for example, about the Engagement Calculator from Triunfagram, Phlanx or InstaUp. The first two resources, for now, are pretty basic.

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To find out your engagement level, you simply have to enter, in either of the two calculators, the Cn Leads name of the account you want to analyze. Note that you will only be able to see this if it is a public profile. InstaUp The third tool is more comprehensive. Apart from telling you the engagement, it analyzes the interactions and which posts have worked best, among other statistics.