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InstaUp is an ideal tool to find out the interaction data or the most used hashtags of your competition, since it allows you to analyze any public account and compare the results with yours. In addition, it shows you what percentage of engagement the account should have according to the number of followers.

So, proportionally, the more followers you have, the lower the engagement percentage, and vice versa. An excellent resource to be able to detect fake accounts and user purchases. How? Look at the following grid: Percentage of engagement that the account should have according to the number of followers. The first thing we all do when looking at any account is look at the number of followers.

We treat anyone with a large number of followers as an influencer. However, we must also see the quality of these followers, their veracity and, no less important, their effectiveness. If an account has thousands of followers but the number of likes is counted in tens.

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It means that the level of engagement with the brand is low. For example, we have analyzed one (we will not reveal the name so as not to create comparative grievances) that has 4,800 followers and an average of 100 likes per post. According to InstaUp’s data, to be successful, this account should have around 5.7% engagement, and it doesn’t reach 3%. Data that shows that you need to improve your content strategy if you also want to increase engagement with the brand.

Five tips to increase engagement As with any marketing strategy, you first need to know your target customer and learn Chinese Thailand Phone Number List about their needs, interests and frustrations. Also, your followers won’t engage with your brand if you don’t either. How? Here are five tips to increase the level of engagement on social networks: 1. Less is more. Prioritize quality over quantity. Posting constantly but without having a strategy behind it will not make you connect with your audience.

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We recommend making a calendar to plan the topics and frequency of posts. 2. Innovate. In the immensity of the networks we Cn Leads come across clones. Copies of texts and images repeated until satiety and without repetition. If you want to capture interest, be original, differentiate your content from the rest and make the audience spend time and interact with it. 3. Follow the same style.

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