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This means There is no doubt that the beauty and cosmetics industry is a profitable business today. But to survive in this super-competitive market, beauty and cosmetics brands ne to constantly and quickly adapt their digital marketing strategies. Beauty and Cosmetics from brand to conversion Return to index ↑ Proximity scoring how to optimize relationships with your influencers. Nowadays, no one questions the ne for brands to connect with their audiences on a variety of different platforms. And one way that is gaining more ground than ever is influencer marketing. Applying this type of strategy allows them to reach a segment influencer marketing audience and gain greater cribility.

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The attention of their influencers, as it is not enough to just throw a blogger’s name into a long contact list aim at mass mailing of press releases. The relationship between blogger web designs and development service influencers and brands cannot be built instantly, but must be bas on a longer period of time. A brand’s marketing and communications team should constantly track all interactions with their influencers. This practice is commonly call “proximity scoring”, and refers to measuring the state of relationships with the brand’s influencers. Define the phases of the ongoing relationship with potential influencers.

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The concept of proximity scoring is already us in other areas, and in particular in marketing, to determine where a potential customer is in active a prospect is, the greater the degree of interaction he will have with the brand , which therefore leads to a higher score. This method allows brands and their sales CN Leads teams to prioritize contacts with potential customers, focusing more on those who have a higher level of activity, and are therefore more likely to convert into customers. Within this activity score which is mostly quantitative, a certain qualitative criterion is also necessary. In other words, it is necessary to determine a value that allows you to define whether or not that user’s profile is align.

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To date we The evolution of beauty and cosmetics brands thanks to influencer marketing With the current digital landscape and the great awareness that more and more customers rely on beauty and cosmetics influencers or on the reviews of other users, today’s beauty and cosmetics strategy has shift from traditional advertising to brands looking for influencers and celebrities to collaborate with. Whether it’s tutorial or unboxing content, is increasingly reliant on celebrities and opinion leaders. Influencers who are experts in digital strategies rank as the most important voice for beauty and cosmetics brands.

The beauty and cosmetics industry

In fact, when a celebrity or a beauty and cosmetics brand influencer launches her own makeup or cosmetics collection, she is able to disrupt the traditional industry and convert a large number of followers into actual customers. Below we show a little curiosity about some of the most famous beauty and cosmetics brands and influencers who have become part of this mechanism. Some celebrities for web designs and development service beauty and cosmetics brands . Kat Von D Tattoo artist and designer Katherine Von Drachenberg launch her eponymous brand, Kat Von D, in . The line quickly saw great success, quickly garnering a following of enthusiasts for its vegan, bold, super-pigment and long-lasting products. By launching a line of liquid lipsticks.

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Kat Von D was able to use makeup bloggers to promote a brand with a gothic-metal style, which today includes a few hundr products including lipsticks, makeup brushes, eye shadows, contouring palettes, etc. . The Honest Company Launch in by influencer Jessica Alba, The Honest Company has built a business bas on non-toxic, organic and eco-friendly products. At the beginning of the summer the brand receiv $ million in investments CN Leads that allow their products with new formulas and new packaging, while the reorganization of prices attract more buyers. Furthermore, at that time the brand also declar its intention to use the investment to finance an internal innovation laboratory and expand the brand globally.

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We are able Teens want brands to be a representation of their values, their expectations of themselves and others . What does this mean for your company? That Gen Z wants you to have a positive purpose that helps make the world better in some way . A purpose to which he can collaborate himself. But what are the values ​​they care about most? I. Loyalty and transparency As a generation that grew up taking images of all kinds and immiately exchanging them with friends, they expect the same spontaneity from companies. To involve them, it is important to show the human side of the company , through images that show behind the scenes or everyday life.

They want transparency and demand

That brands tell them about the manufacturing process of a product, their activities and responsibilities. It is no coincidence that they read labels very carefully and leave favorable or critical opinions online about any service.  Attention to the environment and society Young people from Generation Z are very attentive to the environment , as demonstrat by the “FridaysforFuture” demonstrations. In Italy, for example, of seo expater bangladesh ltd them carry out separate waste collection and six out of ten Gen Zs are very attentive to waste of all kinds. As mention above, they are also very open to accepting diversity on a social level and protecting it. Essentially they are ethical shoppers who seek out ethical brands and beauty products.

Gen Z's preference for green

So much so that they are also more likely to spend more on a product they consider to be such. This passion for the environment helps explain, natural, organic and eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare products. According to GCI Magazine , of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy natural and CN Leads organic cosmetics and beauty products , compar to traditional ones. Higher percentage than other generations, who appear to be less sensitive to these issues. Specifically, buyers of this generation, even before quality, look for the “cruelty-free” factor.