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To date we The evolution of beauty and cosmetics brands thanks to influencer marketing With the current digital landscape and the great awareness that more and more customers rely on beauty and cosmetics influencers or on the reviews of other users, today’s beauty and cosmetics strategy has shift from traditional advertising to brands looking for influencers and celebrities to collaborate with. Whether it’s tutorial or unboxing content, is increasingly reliant on celebrities and opinion leaders. Influencers who are experts in digital strategies rank as the most important voice for beauty and cosmetics brands.

The beauty and cosmetics industry

In fact, when a celebrity or a beauty and cosmetics brand influencer launches her own makeup or cosmetics collection, she is able to disrupt the traditional industry and convert a large number of followers into actual customers. Below we show a little curiosity about some of the most famous beauty and cosmetics brands and influencers who have become part of this mechanism. Some celebrities for web designs and development service beauty and cosmetics brands . Kat Von D Tattoo artist and designer Katherine Von Drachenberg launch her eponymous brand, Kat Von D, in . The line quickly saw great success, quickly garnering a following of enthusiasts for its vegan, bold, super-pigment and long-lasting products. By launching a line of liquid lipsticks.

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Kat Von D was able to use makeup bloggers to promote a brand with a gothic-metal style, which today includes a few hundr products including lipsticks, makeup brushes, eye shadows, contouring palettes, etc. . The Honest Company Launch in by influencer Jessica Alba, The Honest Company has built a business bas on non-toxic, organic and eco-friendly products. At the beginning of the summer the brand receiv $ million in investments CN Leads that allow their products with new formulas and new packaging, while the reorganization of prices attract more buyers. Furthermore, at that time the brand also declar its intention to use the investment to finance an internal innovation laboratory and expand the brand globally.

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