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The strategy Cache Method Browser cache: ON “. Then fill in the fields with the previously save data. The database ID must be unique for each website in a given hosting account! reis wordpress installation – step After saving the changes, the “Connection Test” field will turn green and notify you that the installation was successful. Installing Reis on Magento The installation method below includes manually adding Reis code as a session cache for your Magento store. Although Reis can be use for any cache, we recommend using the LiteMage extension.

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As your page cache and selecting Reis only as your session cache . With this setting, you will enjoy a super-fast store in every aspect. Step Just like installing WordPress, first create a new Reis instance. Log in to your hosting panel, open. Additional features  and click ” Reis management “. Create a new photo editor instance by clicking ” Create new reis instance “. installation of reis hosting panel – Step Go to the File Manager in the hosting panel or log in to your store’s FTP using the Filezilla application. Go to ” public app etc and open the env file.

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Allowing changes to PHP code to be made with OPCache enable and seen immeiately. Trivial installation configuration OPCache is very easy to configure, as settings can be change using commands options in the php.ini file. The installation itself on the website (if you are a customer) takes place in a few clicks and takes place in the hosting panel. OPCache installation We mentione above that installing CN Lists OPCache is very simple. We had good reasons for this, because the entire implementation process is base on steps and requires only clicks. Step Log in to the hosting panel Log in to the hosting panel.

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