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Sellers improve supporting business transformation Looking to the future. In the above-mention KPMG report we will read that on the path of digital transformation. The most common solutions include cloud solutions or mobile technologies. Automation and robotization, and computer-aid decision-making process (DSS). Among the underestimate technologies accompanying digital transformation. We can find artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing (EC) and blockchain. However, big data, machine-to-machine communication (M M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are contenders. Examples of digital transformation Take, for example. Artificial intelligence (AI), which can be use in any field that uses information and technology.

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In business, AI is use for machine learning, cybersecurity, customer relationship management. Internet search, and as a personal assistant. Machine learning (machine learning) It is use in systems that capture huge amounts of data. Intelligent energy management Photo Retouching systems can serve as an example. They collect data from sensors attach to various assets. Then their quantities are contextualize by machine learning algorithms and deliver to decision-making staff. Cybersecurity (cybersecurity) AI systems are also use to recognize. Cyberattacks and other cyber threats by monitoring patterns in input data.

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Once such a threat is detect, AI can trace its way through user data to find its source and prevent future threats. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) When AI is use, an ordinary CRM system can be transform into a self-updating and automatically CN Leads correcting system that manages relationships for the entrepreneur. How to find your way in this digital world full of new opportunities? Enterprises operating in Poland should focus primarily on a digitalization strategy, and therefore it is important to develop more advance plans for increasing capital expenditure and human resources.

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