The high quality of products

The high quality of products. Write it down , this is necessary to assess. The effectiveness of inviting from the group , and repeat. The steps from the point above. We will also screenshot the results to understand. The effectiveness of our investments in inviting. It costs from to , rubles , depending. On the quality of the community and the number of participants in it. Target advertising is the most convenient and effective tool for promoting VKontakte. However, here a lot depends on the correct settings. Target advertising allows you to attract your audience wherever they are , even in a competitor s public page.

Of exceptional technology

A lesson on setting up target advertising can last. A couple of hours , there are really a lot photo editing servies of important nuances. Therefore, briefly from our experience the picture should be r and have a non standard shape , the title should be interrogative , inviting or contain a problem. The description should be useful and contain numbers. I recommend taking your audience from public interest groups and competitor communities. I recommend setting up from to ads according to different parameters , launching everything , and monitoring CTR. CTR is the effectiveness of an ad , the number of clicks on an ad divid by.

Reach with the help of BIMobject

The number of impressions, measure as a percentage . If the CTR is less CN Leads than. Then feel free to delete the ad ; if it is more than then transfer. The debit to the per views format. There is nothing to do here with a budget of less than , rubles. The cost of a click can be ruc from the standard to rubles. Each click ruces the cost of the next one. The more clicks , the more effective your ad is and the lower the cost per click. Purchasing posts from opinion leaders and groups or publics.

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