What is Lead Nurturing? Lead Nurturing is an Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing strategy that consists of managing and feeding your database.  So that we “accompany” our leads. Win them over and finally convert them into clients of our business. Like any marketing art or technique. It has its benefits, which we will see later. Its translation into Spanish is: “ lead cultivation ”.  Because what it does is identify your users by name, interests, status within your conversion funnel. And “feed” them with content that allows you to transform them into customers of your business.

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With its definition clarified, I give way email leads to my friend María Díaz, from Doppler . Who will give you a complete review of all the advantages and applications that this technique has on your business. Let’s go with her! Lead Nurturing: Practical guide to implement this strategy in your business Lead Nurturing: Practical Guide to Implement This Strategy in Your Business First of all.  I would like to start this article by discovering its main uses.  Although already in its definition, Jose has hinted at the reason for this methodology.  As they may annoy or make your users uncomfortable. What are the Benefits of Lead Nurturing?as well as the possibility of acquiring new ones. 

Lead Nurturing strategy

What exactly is Lead Nurturing for? The real challenge is to make that content valuable , attractive and timely for them. Only CN Leads in this way can you help them advance in the purchasing process. Remember that the first objective you should pursue is not to sell, but to gain their trust. Without it, the purchase is even further away. Some advices: Always show yourself as a solution. Understand what the Lead needs: sometimes it is just additional information about your product, other times they need an appropriate means of payment financing. And sometimes they are ready to buy and just need you to show them the way. 

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