Linktree SEO Case Study The Rise Fall

Therefore, We can see that this content is clear and well presented. But it’s worth noting that there are only six links to The Rock’s suggested sites, a profile photo, and some social media links—there’s just not much here. And this type of content forms the bulk of Linktree’s pages. Linktree’s strength is that it solves a pain point of social media for many content creators—you can only have one link on most social media networks. Another strength is that you don’t need to be a techie to set up a profile, making it attractive to social media influencers.

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See from the screenshots, Linktree has spent a lot of time ensuring the design and user experience are good. Linktree’s rise Now that we know a bit about Linktree, let’s look at its executive data organic traffic in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. To do this, I’ve entered Linktree’s domain into the search bar, scrolled down to the overview, and selected “Avg. organic traffic.” We can see the organic traffic rise and fall. Let’s look at the rise first. The site had a bump in organic traffic around March–April 2020. The traffic peak was in August 2022, reaching ~6.5 million. What’s driving the traffic? If we look at the site in the Top pages report in Site Explorer, we can start to understand where the traffic is coming from. Let’s start with the basics—we can see that the website has a blog.

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Therefore, Given the niche, it’s possible the site violated Linktree’s community standards. After another search on Google, I discovered this Vice article. Which suggested CN Leads that Linktree removed sex workers from the website in early 2022. The reason for the ban is explained below: Per our. Company’s policies, the Linktree accounts banned stemmed from sharing. A URL which violated Community Standards by sharing advertisements for the sale of real-life sexual services. Marlene Bonnelly Marlene Bonnelly, Head of Trust & Safety This ties in with our dates, so it’s possible that these banned profiles are a mix of sex workers’ profiles and anyone else who jeopardizes Linktree’s brand safety, like our Indonesian casino site example.

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