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Your business? Close an agreement with the client Post on social mia Schule meetings with potential clients Write blog posts I have dinner with my family You should review these lists at the beginning or end of each day (or at the end of the week) and see what you have and haven’t complet.We bring you a list of those things you have to do every morning and then you prioritize the list, because bas on it you see what you have to do first. Anything that doesn’t get done that day is mov to the next day and starts over with all the priorities. Love the check boxes too! It gives us a great sense of accomplishment when you check off things that are already off the list.

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Schule Schule, Schule: The cornerstone  of time management As the saying goes, time is money. Your time is an investment in your business. You’re not going to open the window and start throwing bills out, are phone number list you? Then you don’t even have to waste your time. Time is the most valuable asset of your business!and daily goals bas on activities and set a deadline for them during your day. For example: calls meeting Email-et Brainstorming to minutes before and after each call or meeting.

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Time for yourself Here is an example:AM Exercise Mitation Breakfast : AM: Make your Daily List & Set Time for Tasks AMEmail-et  AM Conferences MeetingsAM hone Message Email Returns : PM Dreka PM: Creative Work, Blogging, Create Presentation for Client  PM Phone calls Emails Extra time if there is any interruption PMAdministrative Work, Business CN Leads Development : PM: Dinner with friends or familyOf course, everyone is different. Some people are night owls, some people are morning birds, so this list is just an example.

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