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After their comments, , Anila Denaj, announc he meeting of the Investment Council held in Tirana. After the consultations, the will have facilities, including the provision of a free fiscal application. In this case, we are talking about enterprises with a turnover of up to million ALL per year. However, for other enterprises, the installation of the new program will have an additional cost for the business, which is estimat to be around thousand ALL.The public consultation of the draft law was open on July of this year and has been postpon until the middle of September.

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Until now, various interest groups, such as the association of banks, small businesses, etc. Have been part of the consultations. Read: Draft law is being prepar, invoices will be electronic onlyThe draft, which has been submitt for public consultation, envisages the implementation of a new software in business cash registers, which transmits in real time every sale to the database tax server.Until now businesses report their turnover to taxes once a day, when they close their business and press the cash register to transmit the daily turnover.


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The new law and the application that will be install, make a direct transmission of information about the transactions carri out to the tax server. STRATEGY Updat on: What is requir for a? Starting a startup is the “idea”. Many think that the key thing in the whole process is the idea at the beginning and from that point all that nes to be done is the CN Leads execution.For a startup to be successful right from the start, you ne to keep four things in mind: You must have a compelling product or service that a specific segment of people want to use. They may want to use it for some reason (eg the current product does.

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