This prompts you to add other details to your reports, such as currency and the Facebook account you would like to use. How to Create a Looker Studio Report With Power My Analytics Click “Add” at the bottom right to allow parameter sharing. This redirects you to the Looker Studio dashboard.

Add Charts on Your Dashboard You Can Start to Visualize

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using charts. To create charts on your dashboard, click “Add chart” on the menu. On the drop-down menu, there are 20+ chart types you can use to visualize your data, such as pie charts, bar charts, Maps, time series, scorecards, etc.

We have an extensive tutorial that explains how to create charts on Looker Studio. You should check it out now. 4. Add filters After Bulk SMS South Africa adding charts to your dashboard, you should add filters to make it more interactive. With filters, you can choose the data that best conveys your story, which will help you create more relevant reports. Under Charts>Style, click “Add a filter” on your dashboard.

This lets you set what is displayed on your dashboard

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For a detailed tutorial on how to create filters on Looker Studio, kindly read our guide. 5. Share your report After visualizing all relevant metrics, the next step is to share your reports. Looker Studio gives you five options on how to go about this. To share your reports.

You can choose one of these five options provided when you click “Share” on your report dashboard menu: Invite people Cn Leads only Schedule email delivery Get report link Embed report Download report. We also have an in-depth tutorial covering sharing your reports with clients.

Power My Analytics Pricing and Plans How to Create a Looker Studio Report With Power My Analytics Power My Analytics has four pricing packages. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month. Each package gives users access to connectors and cloud storage with customer support. Their entirely optional spreadsheet addon costs roughly $50 per plan. Each plan also comes with admin access.

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