This offline use as a quality criterion coincides

This offline use as a quality criterion coincides with the results of a new study by bazaarvoice which confirms the growing use of reviews. Whether in the middle of the online checkout process more than or in the physical store to check the rating more than or to compare prices through google the truth is that “the most “it is likely that they read an online review” as the consulting firm concludes puro marketing . Sectors where the use of reviews sets a trend there are highly request sectors in review consultations . For example in the unit states they distrust the quality of their mechanics and precisely for this reason they go to those they trust and recommend elminnesotadehoy.

Bots: How do they work

Tourism is one of the most request and directly publish by hotels or miators in their offer. Another sector is household appliances and electronic products where more than of customers investigate reviews before purchasing puro marketing . Consultation in restaurants retail and services is also very common. Source elminnesotadehoy these products mobile app designs service are call “experience” products that is they regularly require additional information that the customer collects in the review quickly and reliably. Therefore it is understandable that the food sector is barely relevant as reveal by the publish by puro marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Types of reviews there are three types of reviews review set with a score. Normally through stars the most well-known and visual or through a numerical scale. Source digitize various platforms such as google my business reward detail and quality reviews CN Leads with various incentives to those users who value their opinions better and more frequently to encourage valuable comments. Recommendation it may or may not be accompani by a score but what is relevant is that it expressly recommends the services of a company.

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