6 traps every MSP should avoid

In the sme world, an it solution provider is generally . Someone who offers: telephone and remote help desk without limits. “all you can eat” type proactive it management activity. Backup, security, monitoring, updates supplier management. Software house, tlc, hardware by monitoring, maintaining . Companies’ it infrastructure, and proactively resolving potential issues, . An msp minimizes downtime of a client’s infrastructure and. Does so in mutual interest. On the one hand, your customers have . The peace of mind of knowing that, when problems arise, they can . Call you as many times as they want without worrying about seeing . Costs rise, on the other hand, with the “Right activity”

Inadequate communication

Simply put, msp is a win-win model . However, there are some pitfalls that an msp could run into and which, therefore, it would be better to know about. Let’s see them below. Inadequate communication I bet you’ve been trying to impress.  Your customers by using overly latest data technical terms . Remember that not all customers are experts and often have little familiarity.  With the industry; it would be better, therefore, to fill this gap by using simple terminology.  And maintaining standard jargon. Furthermore, most customers do not know.  What the risks or benefits are associat with various services. 

Many words and few facts

A good idea would be to communicate them explicitly before deciding . Which service to purchase. Many words and few facts overpromising , also known as overselling, consists. Of creating a series of misleading.  Expectations in customers . It may CN Leads often seem like a good technique, especially when dealing with new . Customers, but then you better satisfy them and not make mistakes. Otherwise your cribility will suffer and.  If things take a turn for the worse, you could find yourself involv with the law. The best method is to highlight the solutions and opportunities . Offer and focus on the strengths to develop a loyal customer base.

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