Patching of third-party applications: problems and opportunities

The cyber threats that organizations face are commonplace. For this reason, security has become one of the main daily.  Worries to focus your attention on, especially if you are an msp! When it comes to protecting business-critical environments from malware.  A few security measures can make a real difference. One of these is the patching of third-party applications .  Which is essential for ensuring protection for the network . Infrastructures you manage because it is able to resolve the system vulnerabilities.  To which they are naturally subject. 

How MSPs process third-party software patches

 We organized a session , of the.  How we do it format , to talk about the topic and, in particular.  To address the following topics: how msps process third-party software patches .  What are the inefficiencies and possible difficulties .  How can you best check that new database everything is up to date; how to manage.  Critical applications ; what to do with those not directly integrated into your rmm.  The advantages of an application patching process in terms of security.  Efficiency and innovation. During the webinar we also shared the results of a survey to which many of your msp.  Colleagues responded and we explained how ahab manages this activity . 

What are the inefficiencies and possible difficulties

One of the biggest challenges for those who do your job is to offer their customers . Such a valid, accurate and advantageous service that it is both perceived as such . By the customer and stands out compared to the competition . To help you achieve this CN Leads every day, ahab has structured the first class .  A service that will give you the opportunity to gain access to superior services.  That will allow you to improve your msp activities at 360° . This is why it is necessary to take time to talk to the customer and understand.  His concerns by discussing his weaknesses and nes so as to find strategies and tools to help him.

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