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Like the stacke area chart, they have their dimension values stacke over the other, but each category contributes to each dimension in terms of percentages. 4. Pie Chart The next type of chart on Looker Studio is the pie chart. They are a popular means of visualizing data.

Pie charts are circular charts that show the percentages of data

Pepresente in the chart. On Looker Studio, pie charts are visualized in two ways; regular pie charts and donut pie charts. This is a regular full pie chart. How to Create Charts on Data Studio This is the donut pie chart.

These pie charts can be use to visualize your data as they give the same information about your data. So, if you’re thinking of which to use. feel free to use  Bulk SMS Lebanon any of them. 5. Tables This list wouldn’t be complete without tables. They are the most popular and straightforward method of data visualization. Looker Studio allows you to create simple tables like the above and other complex types.

To connect other data sources to Looker Studio

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You must use Partner Connectors. Third-party companies provide these connectors to allow you to create reports from data sources that do not have a connector natively provided by Google.

At Portermetrics, we provide a host of connectors that allow you to pull data from various data sources to Looker Studio without any coding. The process is  Cn Leads simple and seamless. You can always check out our full suite of connectors and get starte for free. Use proper data visualization.

After connecting your data to Looker Studio, you need to visualize the right metrics to highlight and track your marketing progress. This is done through the More about this source textSource text require for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels History Save Contribute 5,000 character limit. Use the arrows to translate more.

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