How to Design the Best Marketing Reports on Looker Studio (Free Tutorial) You’re doing it wrong if your reports are filled with rows and columns with lots of figures. It would help if you created something that catches your boss’s attention.

A beautifully design report like this below is a good starting point

This is one of the numerous templates we have in our templates library. You will agree that your boss is likelier to read a visually appealing report Bulk SMS Philippines than a bland-looking one. Creating a visually appealing report is the first step in creating a good report.

But the big question is, how do I do it? Do I throw in charts, series, and tables on a dashboard? No, there’s a prove process that works, and that’s what I’ll walk you through right now. Ready? Let’s go. How to create beautiful marketing reports.

Track the right metrics You risk getting fire as an employee

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Agency if you don’t track metrics that matter to your boss. No good report will save unimportant metrics. You need to present metrics that matter to your boss or clients.You might find this a bit tricky since you don’t want to make your reports too thin, which might suggest a lack of clarity and actionability.

Nor do you want to report too many metrics, which might suggest a lack of priority. How to Design the Best Marketing Reports on Looker Cn Leads Studio (Free Tutorial). To strike a balance so that you report the important metrics appropriately. here’s what your report dashboard should display.

As a marketer, your report should cover output metrics such as acquisition and monetization, input metrics such as transactions, average tickets, signups, conversion rates from sign-ups to paying customers, and KPIs. The input metrics are the essential type of metrics because they dictate the results of the output metrics.

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