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Once you select it, the data will refresh, showing only the data for that period. Create the table using the blended data source Click on “add a chart.” And select Table. Drop it on the data control widget, and you should get a table showing only the metrics and dimensions of your event for your custom period. How to Create Custom Formatted Date Comparisons in Google Data Studio.

Connect to Any Dataset with a Date Field I’ll use search console data

As my example, but this applies to any dataset with a Date field and a sufficient amount of data to use as a comparison period. While year over year (Y/Y) is the Bulk SMS Myanmar most optimal comparison time. it can also be adjust for any comparable period.

You should have two sets to give that comparison. So, you could have a scorecard with metrics impressions. But the date can be set to last month, duplicate it. and choose another date like this month.


Create a Comparison Date Field in your Dataset To create a comparison

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Now with these two, you can compare your data. Create Your Visual Next is a chart visualization to correctly display our two time periods. We can use  Cn Leads a time chart, scorecard, or any chart to create the needed visuals to differentiate the two. How to compare any date with any date or multiple dates with multiple dates? Create a blended data source in Google Data Studio First thing is to have your data source.

How To Review your Google Ads Performance on Data Studio Integrate all of your marketing channels. into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT We’ll cover. How to Connect Google Ads to Google Data Studio Data Studio Report Templates.  Dashboard for Reviewing Google Ads Performance Important KPIs to Track your Googl.e Ads Performance Google Ads Optimization Routine Optimization.

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