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Then, select the Google Ads account you want to connect to. Here, I’ll select the first account. You can search by account ID or name if you have many accounts. 7. Select Overall Account Fields. Then, click Overall Account Field. 8. In the lower right, click ADD. Click Add in the lower right of your screen.

You’ll get a popup prompting you to add the data source

Now,  the report; click ADD TO REPORT. How To Review your Google Ads Performance on Data Studio The Google Ads account is now connected to Looker Studio. Data Studio Report Templates & Dashboard for Reviewing Google Ads.

Performance In this section of the article, I’ll take you through some custom Looker Studio report templates and dashboards for Reviewing Google Bulk SMS Turkey Ads Performance. 1. Overview With Drill Down Dimensions Developed by Data Bloo  Get Dashboard Looker Studio’s addition of Drill Down Dimensions within Charts has made simple charts more interesting.

This feature enables you to add a hierarchy to your charts

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So the user can obtain more information from a single chart. With the Drill Down option, this template allows you to see more amazing details in the data. 2. Campaign Performance Insight How To Review your Google Ads Performance on Data Studio Developed by Porter Metrics | Get Dashboard.

This PPC report will help you understand how Pay-Per-Click campaigns are performing. The dashboard allows you to analyze and visualize data from Cn Leads different campaigns by adding or dropping a campaign name with the Campaign name control at the top of the dashboard.

The report also contains a dashboard for Facebook and TikTok Ads in case you’re intereste in visualizing your Ad performance over various channels. 3. Keyword Performance Insight How To Review your Google Ads Performance on Data Studio. Develope by Porter Metrics  Get Dashboard. This dashboard offers a section tagg. Keyword driving clicks which lets you know the keywords generating clicks.

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