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Memrise If you’re a teacher or instructor looking for a platform to support learning a language, Memrise is a great option. It’s an affordable and practical way to teach conversational French, German, Chinese, and more. The platform also has a 3-step approach to learning a language, to help support your learners through the process.

The first step is learning real life words and phrases

With their built-in learning engine, next the platform helps your learners understand and reinforce language with audio and video clips. Lastly, the Canadian Hotels Motels Email List platform aims for learners to gain the confidence to speak out loud and put their knowledge to the test.

Training Tool – Memrise Memrise is trust by a dynamic group of users around the world and it’s also mobile-accessible, meaning your learners can access their lessons remotely While the platform is limited to language, it’s proven to drive better learning outcomes than a textbook with its interactive structure.

It should be note that it’s a bit difficult to track and organize your learners

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Results and more suite towards individual learners rather than groups or teams. 2. Pathgather Pathgather is a modern social learning feature. It aims to make enterprise training fun and engaging and is essentially an integration tool that falls under the Degree umbrella.

Pathgather gives you the option to consolidate your learning in one place to have better visibility of your different training tools. As the name suggests, Pathgather enables the curation of learning paths to enable quick and effective peer-to-peer learning.

While it isn’t suite best for a standalone training tool, if you have multiple training platforms, it might be a good option to bring all your programs Cn Leads together. Training Tool – Pathgather 3. Edcast Similar to Memrise, Edcast is better suite to the individual learner, rather than training groups or teams.

With its AI intelligence knowledge cloud system, the platform has the ability to connect employees, customers, and partners. It has been reporte, however, that the user experience is limit and lacks simple features like the ability to see and track learners results.

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