List of Oil and Gas Companies With Email Addresses

Tools For Training – Edcast Edcast has the option to add courses and learning plans to the platform. However, users have find that it’s a bit difficult to navigate, and the build-in features are somewhat limit. .Schoology Schoology is a free LMS designe for elementary education to support teachers and instructors.

.in the age of COVID-19. Since most learning has shifted online and adopte a remote learning model, Schoology offers support to school districts, focused on K-12 schools with tips for parents and teachers alike.

Training And Development Tool  Schoology The learning engagement

Platform offers build-in tools to help engage and encourage students with a wide variety of content like videos, text, games, and more. 5. Slack As a business communication tool. Slack is quick, simple, and targete. Teams can experience a unique learning design through interactive channels that spark conversation and feedback in real-time. Slack’s commun.

Converting PowerPoint slides into beautiful microlessons cultivate better learning results. Some features of EdApp’s authoring tool employed Oil and Gas Email List to enhance the e-learning experience are: 1) EdApps’ sophisticated assessment tools allow you to redefine tests.

These tests do not have to be reduce exclusively to the so-called “YES – NO” questions, but users can give more complete answers, either in the form of the text they enter, the sketch they draw, or the program code they type.

Another possible way is based on the gamified experience

Industry Email List

That supports the development of more complex forms of thinking and creative skills, and game-based assessment can take the form of simple quizzes.

Free elearning Platforms – Coursesites CourseSites is also mobile-friendly but can be accesse from a desktop as well. However, One of the best things Cn Leads about this learning platform is embedded insights, which is highly beneficial for teachers.

This means that teachers can assess learner engagement and academic performance with a clear breakdown of metrics, including course completion, marks, attendance, and more. While CourseSites is only suited for academics rather than professional training, it’s an innovative option for the classroom.

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