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A blog is not a faucet that you turn on and off when you feel like drinking. Apart from a good communication tool, creating a corporate blog is a good action within the marketing strategy, as it helps to attract visits to the website. And it is that, often, we enter a specific website attracted by the desire to find specialized content.

Now, for it to work we don’t have to limit ourselves to creating a tab on the web and waiting for success to come. The blog, at the same time as the social networks, needs strategy, planning and persistence. And, of course, content if not the king is still very important. Every time you start writing, in addition to careful drafting.

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You have to think about how you will structure the information and what tone of voice you will use. Too many things? Nobody said it would be easy. But let’s go in parts. We are inundated with content, fed up with new information inputs from all sides.

Most of low value. But what if there is one piece of content that stands out from the rest? Define a Canadian Hospitals Email List strategy.A blog is not a faucet that you turn on and off when you feel like drinking. You have to feed it regularly. You can create a calendar to know when it’s time to talk and about what.


And decide how you will communicate Deciding whether to use a more formal or informal tone of voice depends on your brand’s personality, the values you want to convey and your target audience. In addition, depending on the type of audience you will have to adapt the references and the language.

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You will see it better with an example: If you’re talking to a teenage audience and looking for their Cn Leads empathy, you can mention the new video an influencer uploaded to TikTok, reference who’s participating in the new edition of OT, or ask if they’ve seen the latest episode of Netflix’s Sex Education . Now… do you think your father would follow the speech with the same references. Probably not.

Oh, and by the way: make sure there are no spelling mistakes. There is nothing that gives a worse image. 6 advantages of a corporate blog and some examples of companies that do it well At first glance, maintaining a blog seems like a complicated task. But the truth is that it has many advantages.

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