Keywords and the like to see how users behave

Commitment; requires constant dedication. In other words, if your company is not in a hurry, it is quite possible that it will prefer to discard Google Ads work and focus solely on SEO. However, if we are going to exhaust the subject, there are scenarios where advertising on Google can help SEO. When can advertising help SEO? When can advertising help SEO? Before we go into some possibilities, it is important to reiterate what we have already said here: Advertising on Google will not have any DIRECT impact on your organic results. However, in short, two possibilities can present themselves when working with ads, and both can contribute to SEO routines: identification of possibilities and; indirect impacts.

Keywords and the like to see how

By identifying possibilities, we are simply talking about emulating the SEO scenario – which depends on the long term – in the short term. In short, test ads, titles, Keywords and the like to see how users behave. It’s not the same thing as SEO, but it can bring some insights. In indirect impacts, we are talking about the logic of the marketing mix. You know when you advertise a product and your customer buys another. It’s a side effect, right? It wasn’t its main objective, but the indirect return ends up happening. So, detailing these new data possibilities, we can consider 4 scenarios where advertising can help with SEO routines: identify keywords; establish search intentions; brand exposure; gain backlinks. Scenario 1: Identify keywords To achieve results with SEO

That’s because these words precisely represent

Establishing the keywords that will be the focus is essential. That’s because these words precisely represent what users are typing into Google. And accordingly, it will be necessary: produce content focusing on these words; monitor the positioning of your page in relation to these words; optimize content constantly. However, to establish which term to focus on, two primary factors usually need to be considered: search volume; competition. Making it clearer: If the word doesn’t have search volume, it doesn’t make much sense to rank for it ( no one searches, so no one will enter your website ); If the word is very competitive, it will be very difficult to gain positions on the first  CN Leads page. So far so good, mainly because there are several tools that will help you find this information. However, we need to remember that we are talking about Google’s core business.

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