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It usually contains the following metrics: Traffic Visits Unique visits Source Keywords. 2. User Behavior This report type covers the basic behaviour of a user when they visit your website. This report provides useful information on how users behave, so you can use this information to optimize pages or content that users find engaging.

It usually has a global map with darker colours to indicate engagement

It usually contains the following metrics: Average time on a page Bounce rate Exit rate Pageviews per session 3. Conversion They offer details about the specified SMS Gateway Estonia goals, such as the website’s goal conversion rate, the time it takes a user to convert on the site, the channels the user used before converting, and the transaction rate all in one report.

It usually contains the following metrics: Average time on a page Clicks Engagement Traffic Purchases Conversion rate Click-through rate Pageviews per session. 4. Real-Time Content This report type allows you to monitor activity on your website or app in real time or as it happens.

Each hit is reporte seconds after it happens

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And the reports are regularly update. It’s usually found in the left navigation tab. For example, you can view the number of visitors you have right now, the pages or events they are engage with, and the goal conversions that have taken place.

5. Audience This report type provides information about your audience so you can better serve them. The Audience report provides details such as location Cn Leads gender, age, interests, and so much more. It usually contains the following metrics.

Overview Active Users Gender Age Lifetime Value Demographics Interests Geo Behaviour Device 6. Page bounce rates This report provides an insight into which page is causing a higher bounce rate or in layman’s terms, making people leave, with this information, you can work on that page and make it one that will make people stay. It usually contains the following metrics.

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