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Porter Metrics is a third-party connector that allows you to connect easily to your data. sources and pull all data needed to create your eCommerce dashboard in google. And in this section, we will show you how to create a simple. eCommerce dashboard and share it with others. 1. Creating a new report The first thing is to open Google. Data Studio and see an overview of its user interface.

In the illustration below you can see the option to create a blank report

Or use built-in templates. But in this case, let’s use the blank report for easy understanding. How to Create an Ecommerce Dashboard on Data Studio If you Bulk SMS Cyprus are not new to Data Studio and have already created some reports.

you will see the report in the middle of the page. To start, click on the blank report. 2. Connect Google Data Studio to Data Source After clicking on the blank report. you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to ‘Add Data Source.’ You can pull data to add to your dashboard.

You can only use a partner connector to import your eCommerce

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Data into your dashboard. Portermertics lets you connect your eCommerce Shopify and Woocommerce. data to Google Data Studio. How to Create an Ecommerce Dashboard on Data Studio.

To view the embedded dashboard in greater detail. select Fullscreen. 3. Using Classic Editor If you’re using the classic editor on your website. copy the  Cn Leads HTM. iframe code and paste it into the text tab on the post editor screen. We’ll show you how to embed it in a post.

But the steps are the same for pages. To begin, navigate to Posts >> Add New. Click the Text tab in the post editor, then paste the code. you copied from the Google data studio embed option. How to Embed Google Data Studio. Report on a WordPress Website Return to the “Visual” tab now. You’ll see a preview of the code snippet you just added here. To save your changes, go ahead and publish the page.



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