DNS is a system that contains a list of domain names that allows users to find a particular page. How It It is essential for the functioning of the Internet, optimizing the performance of a website and improving its security. The DNS system is crucial for website communication on the Internet. Any strategy that involves expansion in the digital environment must consider this concept, its configuration and its implications. It is necessary to understand, for example, the relationship between DNS, security and the performance of a website in order to improve results.

How It is DNS Used for on a Website

Websites are stored on email database special machines, called servers, through hosting services . As we already know, each server must have a unique address that allows people to find that site and access its data. Web addresses contain a combination of IP and an associated domain. To better understand this concept, we will delve into the Internet communication protocol. This protocol works according to the IP standard, which differs from many others due to the use of directed packets.

How Does DNS Work in Hosting

DNS operates on a subsystem infrastructure, with different servers CN Leads processing information and transmitting it to others. It’s like customer service where each employee transfers the contact to the specialist on the particular topic in question. Recursive DNS works at the first layer and receives requests directly from access providers. It then passes this information to a more specific subsystem, the Root Nameserver. This, in turn, also organizes requests and transfers them to the TLD Nameserver.

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